Get Intrigued

Chelsye and Intrigue Design & Events were recommended by Middleton Place and I am SO thankful. Intrigue  took away any stresses that I possibly could have had about the wedding. We met with them numerous times over the year, and they were always accommodating and willing to devote as much time as necessary to work with us (not to mention the thousands of emails, texts, and phone calls). The Intrigue team was so dedicated to our wedding that it was easy to forget they have dozens of other clients! Intrigue created a wedding that was beyond my wildest dreams! It was so, so beautiful and just perfect. Three months later our guests are STILL talking about it. Chelsye and Intrigue’s worth to our wedding is absolutely invaluable! LOVE them! 🙂


We’ve used Intrigue Design & Events over and over again for assistance with our corporate events and conferences. There’s a level of assurance that comes with working with Chelsye and her team; they really know what they’re doing. The value added is immense and it quickly becomes clear that they’re a paramount part of getting the best out of every event. I can’t recommend Intrigue D&E enough!