With You Is Where I Want To Sit

Choosing the right chairs for you wedding can be difficult; it might even seem pointless because it’s such a tiny detail. We are here to tell you all the reasons why chairs tie the knot of the details of your design in the end!

Chairs are sometimes a side decision we make when planning for a wedding. The floral arrangements and dresses just matter more than the perfect cushion to put under your tush. Weirdly enough though, at the end of all the planning the piece that matters the most – the one detail that will make or break your design is always going to be the chairs you choose.

The right chair will either make your wedding space feel open and airy or it’ll make it feel regal and elegant. It has the ability to change a space completely when it is put together with the rest of the designs. Some of our favorite chair styles are included in the images below!

If you loved these chairs are much as we did, we recommend you check out our favorites at EventWorks, Snyder, and Event Haus