Beverage Services

I hammered out the design and got to work, utilizing my handyman skills and vintage wood to create something I would be proud to have at my own wedding!
The first iteration of this mobile bar only had four taps since I thought I’d be serving just beer, wine, and cider. Now that we added signature cocktails our offerings, we have increased the number of taps to six!

We love to match cocktails to the celebrations our clients are planning for their guests and family to enjoy alike. Our mixologists can create any signature cocktail you can imagine and our team will walk you through the endless possibilities.

The Wander Bar is owned by husband and wife team, Mark and Gabrielle Partridge. Gabrielle has been bartending in upscale establishments from North Carolina to California for over 15 years. She managed bar programs in Southern California for over five years, working alongside top chefs in the region to create seasonal infusions and libations and consulting on several bar/restaurant openings. Her cocktails are published both locally and nationally, online and in print. She has won cocktail competitions sponsored by Fernet Branca and St. George Spirits, to name a few. She finds her inspiration through fresh, artisanal ingredients and curating signature cocktails to her clients’ tastes.

At Carolina Cocktails, we feel every client is unique and deserves service committed to reflecting that uniqueness. We can help you plan and design distinctive personal bar packages to compliment your venues, themes, or set monetary allocation.

Now is your time to sit back, relax and relish in the awesomeness that will soon be your party! Like it or not, booze is a key component to any gathering and we‘re here to make that experience unlike any other. We hand build the finest bars and hand select the best wait staff to take your event from ordinary to extraordinary. We can’t wait to exceed your expectations and celebrate with you, Bottoms up!