Spring Flowers {Wedding Wednesday}

The spring season has finally arrived and we here at Intrigue think it is time to talk about floral designs. As we start the planning for this years spring weddings we can’t help but reflect on past weddings and past floral designs we’ve had. Since we loved look back so much we thought we would share it with you and see if it inspired you the way it has inspired us! Or should I say Intrigued us?

The first wedding we’re reflecting on was in April and held at the William Aiken House. The flower design was by Loluma and can we just say – we are in love. The soft colors they chose fit perfectly with the design idea behind the spring wedding. The bride’s bouquet is round in shape and wrapped in a cream silk ribbon. Many of the flowers used in the bouquet can be seen on the floral decorations as well; such as vendela roses, white peonies and variegated ivy.

The second wedding we reviewed was in May and held at The Gadsden House. Branch Design Studio is behind the lovely yet simple floral designs. What we loved about this design was how they blended many different colors but didn’t let one floral color over power the other. The brides bouquet is round as well but this time it is made up of only one flower: what phalenopsis orchid blooms and it is wrapped with an ivory ribbon. Other flowers that were popular throughout the design of this wedding include: lavender lilac, white hyacinth, green camelia leaves and white ranunculus.

Special thanks to Tim Will for shooting the April wedding and to Andrew Cebulka for capturing the May wedding!