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Makenzie + Taylor

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It all started with a swipe on Tinder
Can you tell me how you all met/got engaged? 
Makenzie: Taylor and I met in the college town of Athens, GA while I was going to school at UGA.  We both swiped right and it was a match! We got engaged at Disney World. He woke me up early one morning and told me that I wasn’t going to work, but that we were flying to Disney World instead to go to the Halloween party. We dressed up as Mary Poppins and Bert and while we were taking pictures of us in our costumes in front of the castle, Taylor got down on one knee and proposed.
Why did you decide on Charleston as your wedding location?
Makenzie: We decided on our wedding location because we fell in love with our wedding venue. Neither of us are from South Carolina and we didn’t fall in love with any of the venues we did tour back home in Georgia. And even though the location is farther from where our friends and families live, we knew it was the perfect place for us. 
Recap me a little on the beginning of your planning process. How did you decide on your venue? 
Makenzie: We actually found our venue, the Oldfield River Club, while I was scrolling through Instagram. I was going through a wedding account trying to get some ideas when I saw a picture of a bridal party in front of these beautiful trees with hanging moss. I thought the scenery in the picture looked beautiful and luckily the name of the venue was in the description. We went and toured the venue and the rest is history!

What made you decide to go with Intrigue as your planner?

Makenzie: The moment I talked to Chelsye on the phone I knew that we were going to be in great hands with her! Chelsye is so friendly and sweet and she immediately put me at ease after I first spoke with her.  

What would you say was the biggest thing that has stuck out to you with the process so far?

Makenzie: The biggest thing that has stuck out in the planning process to both me and my fiance is how prepared and knowledgeable Chelsye is. She is very experienced and asks questions most people planning a wedding wouldn’t even think to ask. 

What is the most important thing for your wedding to you?
Makenzie: The most important thing about the wedding to me is the flow/execution of the actual wedding day – that’s why I knew I had to hire a coordinator.
And what is the most important thing to your fiance?
Makenzie: The most important thing about the wedding to Taylor is for our guests to have a great time and enjoy themselves. Taylor especially wants our guests to enjoy the beer selection – he’s had a hard time narrowing down his favorites. At our food tasting, the venue coordinator was asking us what beers we wanted to serve and Taylor pulls out a little stack of sticky notes of all his favorite craft beers broken out by types!
Any plans for your honeymoon or after the wedding in general (trips, where you’ll be living, etc)?
Makenzie: We are going to Greece for our honeymoon! We plan on traveling to Athens, Santorini, and Mykonos while we’re there and I can’t wait.