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Leslie & Peter

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Get to know Leslie & Peter as we get ready for their big day January 27th, 2018 at Lowndes Grove!
The story of where it all started and how he knew she was the one! 
Peter: I invited a bunch of friends over to my office to watch the NBA playoffs. A mutual friend texted to ask if it was alright if he brought a “girl” and of course I said yes. He showed up empty handed and hung out with the group. A couple hours later he asked me to let his friends in and I opened the door to lock eyes with my future wife and her friend. I was surprised to recognize both of them – I recognized her roommate immediately as my younger sister’s neighbor from college, but I couldn’t really place where I recognized Leslie from. I was immediately attracted to her but had to play it cool, calm, & collected because I could tell she was the “girl” my buddy had invited. Turns out it’s a lot easier to get to know (and impress) a girl when you think she’s hanging out with your buddy. Fast forward a couple weeks and I could tell they weren’t actually dating or hanging out, and as I worked up a little digital courage to send her a message I was surprised to be greeted by a friend request on Facebook from her. That gave me a sign that we might be on the same page. I gave it another week and was about to get her number from a friend and a different friend texted me about setting me up with a girl. To be honest I was trying to ignore the text because I wasn’t really into setups, but after a few more texts I realized who she was trying to set me up with. All the sudden it felt like things were falling right into place. Fast forward a few dates spread out over the next month or two, and we were meeting my parents and going to weddings together – as a couple.
Leslie: The Christmas after we started dating we drove from San Francisco to Newport Beach on Highway 1 in California. We drove by a place called Hearst Castle on the way and we both wanted to go there, but didn’t have time because we were getting out of the car about every 5 minutes on the way down to site see. Fast forward to this past summer- I had finished taking boards after graduating and Peter and I planned to go visit some friends in California then attend his family reunion at Disney Land. A few days before we went, Peter called me and said he got tickets to go to Hearst Castle. I was excited until I realized that it meantI couldn’t visit my best friend from college that day. I was really upset and told Peter it had been a very long time since I’d seen my friend and I would rather spend time with her than visit Hearst Castle. Little did I know that they were in cahoots with each other on the engagement plan. Long story short- we went to Hearst Castle after a long day of driving (I can’t forgive my brother and sister in law for letting me wear a tye dye shirt that day). At one point after the tour we took, we asked a family if one of them would take our picture in front of the castle. Peter took his phone over to them and was explaining how to use it for what seemed like a really long time. I didn’t think much of it- I thought maybe there was a language barrier there or something. Anyway, when Peter came back to me and after we “took a picture” he turned to me and said this had been the best year of his life (meanwhile it dawned on me what was happening and I couldn’t stop saying “Are you doing this? What are you doing?”), and he proposed. I don’t even remember my reaction, but as caught on tape- i took the ring from him instead of letting him put it on my finger and said “yes thank you!”…. it’s an embarrassing video, but couldnt have been a more perfect proposal. 
What made you select Charleston as your wedding destination?
Leslie: I grew up in Charleston but moved away when I went to college and haven’t been able to move back yet! I LOVE my hometown and feel so lucky to have grown up in such a beautiful, historical place. I’d never planned any aspects of my wedding in my head before being engaged, but once I was, I knew it had to be in Charleston. 
Where did the planning process begin for you?
Leslie: Our planning started off a little slow as I didn’t realize just how involved planning a wedding is! We had about 6 months to plan, while a lot of people start more than a year out from their wedding. I started by picking a venue; I had always had my heart set on Boone Hall but we felt that Lowndes Grove was a better fit for our time of year and guest count. Picking Chelsye was the best planning move I’ve made! She knows the business in and out and is extremely well organized. 
How did you decide on your venue?
Leslie: We booked the venue site unseen, but the beautiful house, the dock, and the river how could you go wrong. It was the perfect Charleston experience for our guests, and after walking through it for the first time I couldn’t love the venue any more. 
What made you decide to go with Intrigue as your planner?
Leslie: I hadn’t really considered even getting a wedding planner but like I said before, it was honestly the BEST decision I made. The coordinators at Lowndes Grove gave me a list of planners in the area and after having an interview with a few of them, I could tell Chelsye was a great fit. She is very personable, always available to text or email, and is all about making my vision a reality for the wedding. 
What would you say was the biggest thing that has stuck out with the process so far?
Leslie: By far my favorite part of the planning thus far has been the tasting. I love food and am actually a little jealous that Chelsye and Amy get to go try amazing food all the time! 
What is the most important thing for your wedding to you?
Leslie: Other than having my close friends and family in attendance, the most important thing for me was location. Having grown up in Charleston, it is such a huge part of who I am and I want to share that with our friends and family that we have met living out west. 
And what is the most important thing to your fiance?
Peter: The most important thing about our wedding to Leslie is that in the annals of history it will be known that we celebrated in her beloved state of South Carolina. The most important thing to me about our wedding is that our families and close friends are relaxed & enjoying themselves.
Any funny or quirky stories? 
Leslie: It’s a little hectic to plan a wedding from so far away, so I’d say the whole process has been a bit quirky… Nothing could have been more quirky or funny than my reaction when Peter proposed. I begged him to go back to that spot and have someone re-video it for us with my reaction being a little more normal, but he wouldn’t. 
What is next after the “I dos”? 
Leslie: We’ll be living in Salt Lake City, where we live currently. We’re in the process of doing some renovations & major remodeling of Peter’s bachelor pad. The house is mostly boxed up & under construction, so it’s been fun imagining what it will be like when it’s all said & done (hopefully before we get back from our honeymoon). As for the honeymoon, we’re still deciding between a few places – the only thing we know for sure is that it’ll be a sunny beach with some nearby adventures.