Don’t rain on my parade!

It all starts with that beautiful moment when you said “Yes!” and decided to spend the rest of your life with your best friend: then comes the planning, preparation, tastings, florals, laughs regarding the choreographed introduction your fiance wants to do, and then comes the look. The look is that moment when your wedding planner turns and says “RAIN PLAN”. The look is that moment when you hear those words “your day is going to be beautiful no matter what”. The looks is when a family member says “Don’t they say its GOOD LUCK when it rains on your wedding day?” Of course, a morning shower that leaves behind a magical rainbow can be considered good luck. However, the only time we want to hear the word “hurricane” is when our toes are in the sand and we are drinking it out of a pretty glass with a flamingo umbrella in it.

One thing that many soon-to-be couples don’t always consider after saving the date is making sure that the date really is saved. You’re planning your perfect wedding, and though you have hand selected a lot of the details there are things, such as the weather, that are out of your control.

As we are prepping for our fall event season, wedding insurance is a topic that unfortunately comes up often. Spring and summer are perhaps not as vital for coverage when it comes to weather, but fall is hurricane season, and we don’t want any Matthews’ throwing a wrench into your plans. Having wedding insurance will protect your special day when nature has other plans.

Two great examples of why we so strongly advise our couples to be covered are the stories of Hannah and Michael, who were uninsured and had to eat their losses when Hurricane Matthew struck last year.


We always have a rain plan in place, and make sure to incorporate the original design as possible for our sweet couples. Danielle and Matt saying I do at The Rice Mill. Photo © Dana Cubbage Wedding Photography.


Step one is to contact your current insurance provider. Most major insurers offer wedding coverage, which will typically give you a really good deal, to combo with your already existing coverage. Or, if your current insurance doesn’t offer wedding coverage, these types of coverage discussed on The Knot are a great place to start.

One thing that many soon-to-be couples don’t always consider after saving the date is making sure that the date really is saved.

The two main types of coverage you would need are:

  • Wedding Liability Insurance: Are you getting married at an unconventional venue like a park, museum, historic mansion or private estate? Some of these venues require couples to purchase wedding liability insurance. This coverage also protects you in the event of injuries, property damage or alcohol-related incidents.
  • Wedding Cancellation or Postponement Insurance: If circumstances beyond your control force you to postpone or cancel your wedding, this coverage provides reimbursement for losses and expenses, such as severe weather, sudden illness, no-show vendors, damage to attire, photos, gifts and more.

For about half the average price of a wedding cake, you can protect your wedding from losses related to postponements, cancellations, vendor incidents, and more — freeing you to focus on enjoying your big day together.