Choosing the Perfect Venue {Boone Hall Plantation}

When you finally pick that perfect place for where you want to tie the knot, a lot goes into using a certain space to create that perfect ceremony and reception you’ve always fantasized. When your significant other and soon to be spouse (!!!) gets down on one knee and asks you to spend the rest of your life with him, you can finally start planning the wedding of your dreams.

Richard Bell Photography

 You may ask, how do I choose a venue when there are hundreds of beautiful venues in Charleston?!

If you are planning on a Charleston wedding, Boone Hall Plantation in Mt. Pleasant, SC offers several spaces to choose from for creating the perfect ceremony and reception. This historic venue creates a beautiful, southern feel filled with history that you, your fiancé and the guests are bound to fall in love with. Who wouldn’t want to have their wedding at the location of the home that was used in The Notebook?

Boone Hall welcomes you with a long driveway filled with Spanish moss trees that will get your guests excited as the approach the whimsical space. The plantation gates welcome you, followed by he Cotton Dock on your left hand side.

The Cotton Dock House is a rustic wooden building that gives you a rustic feel that Charleston weddings are famous for. The building looks great with the addition of chic chandeliers for the lighting and could easily be draped with fabric to give a softer touch to the dark wooden feel!

As you continue further into the plantation property, the plantation house is seen from afar, offering a typical southern look with a red brick base with white columns on the front.

The Front Lawn is another space at Boone Hall Plantation where you can choose to have the ceremony as well as the reception. The Front Lawn is surrounded by gorgeous gardens. If you are going for an elegant and charming ceremony, the Front Lawn would definitely give you that feel.

The third and final space at Boone Hall Plantation is the Back Lawn. The Back Lawn is an open lawn lined with oak trees and is along the Wamponcheeoone Creek. This area is best for large weddings with many guests and the patio is a great space for cocktail hour.

Whether you choose to have your wedding festivities at the Cotton Dock, the Front Lawn, or the Back Lawn, Boone Hall Plantation offers a 13 passenger golf cart that is available for rental for transporting guests to and from their vehicles to the specific location of the event. This service will definitely be enjoyed by the guests!

What I love most about Boone Hall Plantation is that you can mix and match the location of the ceremony and the reception. You can choose to have the ceremony and the reception at the same place in Boone Hall or you can have the ceremony at one location and then the reception in another. You could even get married in a church of your choosing and then have the reception at one of the locations within Boone Hall.

Whatever you end up choosing , Boone Hall Plantation will be the perfect venue for a charming, southern wedding and will be the perfect way for you and your fiancé to start your life together as husband and wife!