Charleston’s New Bubbling Sensation

Just in for the Charleston area is a brand new, hand-crafted, sparkling beverage company with a sweet twist. Charlestowne Fizz, founded and created by owner Akai Antia-abong, will be one of the hottest-up-and-coming cocktail and sensation throughout the lowcountry. After five years in the making, Antia-abong has finally perfected a wide range of signature recipes from scratch. As a local bartender in fan favorite Oak Barrel on Folly road, Antia-abong started brewing beer on the side to spark the start of his new found career. Once beer became too easy, experimentation with fruit flavors was next in line. Antia-abong began to experiment with different fruit and alcohol combinations that led him to creating some major hits. All of his creations include real fruit. “There is no magic here,” Antia-abong stated. After long hours of experimentation to bring his vision to life, Antia-abong is now advertising towards weddings, parties, and gifts to attract clientele from all over the South Carolina area.

Strawberry Sizzle


After meeting him, it was easy to see the passion he has for this brand. “I love to do this, Antia-abong stated. Weddings are only one day, I just want to make it special for the family and friends.” Just looking to expand, Antia-abong is willing to travel to various locations with all of his equipment to provide the best service possible. Included in the flyers below, there are many packages stating different keg or bottle options and flavor combinations, a perfect addition for a lowcountry spring wedding or event. A fan favorite, the Melon Drama, includes fresh watermelon juice with a fun tang that feels like an afternoon picnic in Hampton Park. Likewise, the Spicy Peach & Bourbon will define what summertime in the lowcountry tastes like.

Antia-abong continues to work on different flavor options. One in current progress includes a cranberry

Tangerine Dream

drink just in time for the holidays. How delicious! He hopes to continue to keep his flavors filtered and mature, as well as simple and seasonal. Intrigue and the Charleston area are so excited to see and taste Akai’s incredible work. A wonderful friend and business owner, he
is willing to make any changes to his beverages to best suit the guests want and needs. For questions check out the website.