Bubbly Bar? Yes, Please!

Nothing says celebration quite like a mimosa bar! Thinking of a new way to jazz up the wedding season? Try a new project at home by creating your own mimosa bar station. Whether it be a wedding, bridesmaid brunch, or bridal shower, we are all smiles when it comes to a good bottle of champagne and a splash of OJ.

This is such a fun new idea to celebrate your special weekend with all your friends, and best of all, a bubbly bar is a super easy addition to your already established plans.

  1. Simply pick your favorite bottle of bubbly, a deep party bowl/barrel filled full of ice, and champagne flutes (any fun glass will do the job too!). 
  2. Next, a variety of juices will certainly please your guests! Have a decent amount of orange juice, then find about two different flavors to spice up the taste. Tangerine, grapefruit, and raspberry juice are great options.
  3. Add little jars of fruit pieces to place in the drink as a special touch. The guests will love the variety of presentation in each flute (this is great for picture taking too!).
  4. Finally, cute additions include various sized name tags to label each item on display and toothpick flag decorations to as nametags. This is a super fun and easy way to add a little laughter to a luncheon.

For those that would be more laissez faire, we have some great suggestions for delicious downtown brunch. 

Mimosa bars are a great way to celebrate a bride through a bachelorette weekend, luncheon, or day of festivities. If you’re getting a hubby, pop the bubbly!